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Your result for The Heart Test...

Healer's Heart

You are 60% Independent, 20% Idealistic, 30% Intimate, and 60% Indulgent!

The Healer's Heart

Independent, Realistic, Passionate, Indulgent

You are the most altruistic of hearts, the Healer's Heart. You are realistic in your approach to love and value your independence. At the same time you are very passionate about love and want to do whatever in your power to make things run smoothly. You will relieve whatever pain you can in your mate. At the same time, you recognize the need to be there for others as well. Still, you will always be there for your mate and will never hurt them if you can help it.

Matches for the Healer's Heart:

The Lonely Heart

The Lonely Heart wants to be loved, but may not know how to go about it. Your healing nature will bring out the hidden aspects of their heart and you will appreciate their intimate nature and need for love, and associate with their realistic views and want for harmony.

The Broken Heart

The Broken Heart needs to be loved, which is fine with you, but they also can be a bit quarrelsome, something you may not like. But your healing nature should help them with this, and your independent nature can allow you to give them the space they need to cool off. Ultimately, you will find it very rewarding to be the one to mend the Broken Heart, and you will come to cherish them.

Your exact opposite is the Heart on Sleeve.

Avoid Independents when you can. You are independent yourself, but aren't happy unless you are helping others, so you need those who need you to be fulfilled in a relationship. Explicits may also be difficult to get along with as you value harmony, but you should be able to work it out.

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Ausalt öelda: ma suudan olla õnnelik ka suhtes, kus teine pool ei käi pidevalt mu rinna naal nutmas, täh. Aga ei saa ka eitada, et rinna naal nutmises on omad võlud =P

Your result for Test yourself: What is your Control Drama?...

Aloof - low tendencies

Albeit low, you have strongest tendencies for the Aloof control drama. But that doesn't necessarily mean everything! Read below...

Your Aloof tendencies are STRONGEST at a score of 30%.

The aggressiveness of the different control dramas goes in order from aggressive to passive as following: Intimidator, Interrogator, Aloof and Poor Me.

The aloofs enjoy nothing more than when people come to them. They may be seen as uncaring, but they can be very controlling of their environment, but are so in a passive way; they are the puppet masters, and they thrive on being given attention, and not giving much. They can be very hard to get a grip on, and it’s almost impossible to corner an aloof, because they have learned to counter the interrogator; the aloof learns to be coy to make the interrogator’s interrogation fail. For anyone trying to get an answer out of the aloof, they need to lure him out with some other motivation.

Your Interrogator tendencies have a score of 27%.

The interrogator is a very verbally dependant drama, and is paired with the Aloof. They can usually talk people down, are good with argumentation and have a desire for the last word. They snoop out underlying faults and cracks in people's psyches to raze walls, aiming to break others down through doubt, if nothing else. They will take most anything to a discussion, and if they can make people angry, all the better; they are good at heated discussions, but they themselves usually remain calm, or at least in control of the situation. The less control over themselves that their opponent has, the more they enjoy it.

Your Intimidator tendencies have a score of 18%.

The intimidator is aggressive and threatening. This drama is paired with the Poor Me drama; a child that fears for its safety will become either a Poor Me, who plays on people’s feelings of sympathy and pity to escape harm, or they will become another Intimidator, to counter the abuse. Intimidators make others do as they want, either from fear of physical abuse or through threatening words. They are people who other feel uncomfortable being around, and often have anger management problems.

Your Poor Me tendencies have a score of 24%.

The poor me is passive; compare it to someone frightened, afraid to do anything in case they do wrong. They develop from intimidators, and as such fear for their safety. Later on in life, they may make people feel guilty by simply being around them; that kind of sympathy was all that worked on an intimidating parent. They usually have a sense of overwhelming responsibility for other people, and they also have the wish to please everyone else. They sacrifice themselves for others and may feel as victims in their own lives, or they ar viewed as such. They don’t always feel as though they can influence the world around them.

But I have a percentage on more than one score. How does that make me typically aloof?

Because it’s very seldom we are exposed to only one control drama, and as such learn only one, being the opposite to that one. It’s very common to have many different traits from different dramas, and to have one dominant one. Having high traits from both dramas in one of the pairs, either intimidator & poor me, or interrgator & aloof, is also very common, so we can switch to what suits the situation.

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The Celestine Prophecy

James Redfield

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